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Principal: Dr. Keith Bookwalter
Vice Principal: Kendall Russo
Administrative Secretary: Aurora Soria
Bilingual Clerk: Lilli Pina
After School Program Coordinator: Lucero Renteria (650) 329-6536 ext. 67138

School Office Hours:
7:30AM - 4PM, Monday - Friday
Los Robles Dual Immersion Magnet Academy will give all students the opportunity to reach established academic goals at all grade levels, to encourage self-esteem, to promote pride in their school and community, and to instill an appreciation for lifelong learning
Dual Immersion Programs can provide unique teaching and learning opportunities for all its participants: students, parents, teachers, administrators, and communities. Dual Immersion education serves as a linguistic and cultural bridge for all, and it helps to embrace and promote linguistic and cultural pluralism inside and outside the school.

"A place of educational excellence that prepares all students to succeed and contribute to a changing world." 
The Dual Immersions Programs uses two languages for literacy and content instruction for all students. Students will be taught in two languages over extended period of time, from Kinder through fifth grade. The Dual Immersion program combines students of two language groups and are taught in both of their languages. The program includes a fair and/or equal numbers of two groups of students. In this case, the two languages are English and Spanish.
Who can participate?
Ravenswood City School District and Los Robles identifies the needs of the parents and the children in the community. Where possible, each class should have a 50-50 balance. There is no specific criteria, but rather parents' choice to enroll their child in the Dual Immersion program.
Usually, in the Dual Immersion program, we do not accept English-only children after the first semester of first grade and English Learners after second grade.
Student Success: Parent Participation
Parents can maintain their children's success and can also participate as a group to have a voice in the decision making of the Dual Immersion program. At Los Robles, we have committed to have quarterly meetings where Gallery Walks will be an important part of it. You will be able to witness their enormous growth that your child has done. You will also have the opportunity to have your concerns/questions answered.