620 Willow Road, Menlo Park, CA 94025Willow Oaks
(650) 329-2850
Fax: (650) 327-2684

Cynthia Chin
Vice Principal: Michelle Masuda
Administrative Secretary: Lupe Maciel
Bilingual School Clerk: Gabriela Arroyo
After School Program Coordinator: Gabriel Anguiano Jr.
School Office Hours: 8AM- 4PM, Monday - Friday

Willow Oaks is dedicated to recognition of the unique value of each person; providing active learning in a safe, supportive environment; developing and understanding of contemporary issues and technology; and promoting a partnership between home , school and community.
School Description:
Willow Oaks is located at 620 Willow Road in Menlo Park with an enrollment of 613 students K-8. The ethnic profile of Willow Oaks students reflects the rich, cultural diversity of the community. We are a Title I school wide program. We are committed to collaborating with staff, students, families, and community in order to reach our rigorous academic standards in a positive campus environment. We did not meet our API and AYP targets for the year. We had a 3-point gain in our API and we did not meet all of our 17 criteria targets in AYP.
Message from the Principal:
Willow Oaks School is a very collaborative team working closely to improve instruction, programs and supplementary services each year. We are a full inclusion school where through the use of a variety of integrated best practices service model, we build expertise that ensures access and equity for all. The success of our school lies in our highly qualified, talented, and dedicated team, working with our students, families, and community.
Willow Oaks Principal